Thursday, April 17, 2014

SOS Neccos

For those locals in Boulder, Necco wafers are on sale for 99 cents at Walgreens on 30th.  I just had skin surgery on my leg for cancer, and this would boost my immune system!  Well…maybe not, but Neccos do have healing stuff.

More Than Belief

In John's Gospel, it seems to say if you know Jesus you will keep his word.  It does not say if you know Jesus you will believe in the creed, but that is what seems to have happened with many who say they are Christian.  The creeds say nothing about the Sermon of the Mount, or other core teachings from the lips of Jesus in the Gospels.  It is a lot easier to believe a theology than it is to actually follow the teachings of Jesus.  Note that these creeds developed in Councils that began to be called by Emperor types, people of power and wealth for that matter.  Such people prefer a religion that believes dogmatic statements, rather than one that demands we follow the actual teachings of Jesus.  He definitely took the side of the poor and demanded justice, not just charity.  No wonder he got crucified.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Some believers cut Judas a little slack.  They say he had a plan.  He did not intend for Jesus to be crucified.  Judas tried to set things up so that Jesus would finally resist his opposition and bring about a political and military solution to foreign occupiers.  So they say.  You may scoff, but are we not all Judas at one time or another.  He had a plan and tried to manipulate things to bring it about.  Trouble is he never consulted Jesus or got a second opinion.  Do we not at one time or another connive, manipulate and control things to get some result, our result?  We do not consult, get a second opinion or ask advice of those who are part of our plan.  The result is often a mess, our mess.  When you finally realize that there is a bit of a Judas in you, don't kill yourself or beat yourself up over it.  Enjoy God's unconditional forgiveness for  your idiocy.  An ego crush can be a good thing.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Hitting Bottom

I am suddenly aware that there is a lull in the Sports world for me.  There is nothing to look forward to. The college basketball March Madness is over.  There is no Super Bowl.  Hockey, Pro Basketball playoffs are an eternity away from a Finals.  Baseball is just at the beginning of its long season.  There is no evening excitement on TV for me, a Sports fan.  But it is Holy Week!  Do I not look forward to Easter?  I must admit, I lack the enthusiasm for the core of my faith that would equal my enthusiasm for a Sport's dramatic conclusion.  This is what is called a Spiritual Bottom.  I am in grave need of Grace, a miracle, God's help.  My soul is dry.  I am powerless to change.  But a Bottom is good.  It makes me realize that I need God on a daily basis.  I need daily spiritual help.  My prayer cannot be just when I want something.  It will have to be daily, and this will make a new relationship, based upon my powerlessness to change and God's love in spite of myself.  I have the chance to experience God loving the messy me, until I can become what God has called me to be.  The Good News is that this all bothers me.  If Easter is just a weekend holiday of fun for you, your life is a lot more of a mess than mine.  I will take a Bottom any day because saints can be made from desperation, but never from complacency.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Seems that some priests in Rwanda were somewhat involved in the genocide there 20 years ago.  Did they get defrocked?  Did they get thrown in prison?  Did they get reprimanded or sent for counseling?  Well, no.  They were transferred to places in Europe where they are working openly as priests.  I am not sure who helped to get them out and set them up in their new, safe locations.  Some people are a bit upset with this.  How do you get permission to work in one country when the whiff of genocide follows you from another?

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Goodbye Mansion

Seems the Bishop of a $2.2 Million mansion has decided to sell it.  He said that the church has changed.  Does this mean that before Pope Francis it was OK for a bishop to live in a mansion in an upscale community?  I thought Jesus had no place to lay his head.  I cannot be too harsh.  I have a lot more running stuff than I really need.  I could use a walk-in closet.  They come with mansions don't they?

Saturday, April 12, 2014

You Don't Say

A nun with a title, "Professor" at a school that titles itself a college, seems to believe that masturbation can lead to homosexuality.  You don't say.  I once heard that French Kissing causes pregnancy.  These connections seem to be a Catholic thing, though, so far, they are not part of our dogma.